Monday, October 15, 2012

Yay Crawley!

Ok horrible at updating I know.  I will try better, I swear!

I just wanted to send a congrats out to the Crawley's on the birth of their son, we shall call him K-Craw!

Yay MC2!!

I promise I will update again for real in the next couple days.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honest Toddler--Laughing always helps

Recently I have started to read the blog Honest Toddler.  This is one of the most hilarious blogs I have ever seen.  It is funny regardless of if you are a parent or not, but it certainly makes me feel better to read some of the same issues that have come up with JW.  I love the writing and the fact that its written from the toddlers point of view.This is one of my favorite entries

Also if you have twitter and facebook, follow the Honest Toddler...hilarious

Monday, July 16, 2012

Almost a year old

Ok so an absurd amount of time has gone by since my last post.  I have been super busy and really it hasn't even dawned on me to post.  I will work tonight on a couple posts and promise to be better about posting going forward.
For now please enjoy some pics of the little man who will turn 1 year old next month!  Crazy

At Andy and Maddie's house (above and below)

CSL Summer outing

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full Night of Sleep!!

Yay for a full night of sleep!  That's two of the last three nights that we have been able to sleep through the night.

Small victories, but man I feel so rested right now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daycare/Sick babies suck!

I actually starting writing this post about a month ago, but things just got so hectic I couldn't finish. The reason they were hectic, you guessed it....starting daycare, followed swiftly by getting sick

First off there is nothing wrong with sending your kid to daycare.  I hate reading about blogs and websites that caution against daycare because "the place a baby learns best is with its mother...".  Now the fact that mother is always specified aside, daycare is a very useful tool for the working parent.  JW goes three days a week and seems to really love it.  The staff is nice (although the morning lady is a bit odd) and JW gets to see other babies, something he doesn't get to experience at home.

Go and visit your daycares before you send them.  Get references!  Make sure to properly explore all your options before making a daycare decision.  Also don't let people guilt you into not taking price into consideration.  Price is a consideration and just because something is more expensive doesn't mean its better.  JW goes to the middle of the road option and seems to really love it.

Now the next big thing is be prepared for a month and a half of everyone in your house getting sick!  There just isn't any avoiding it.  Your baby has been in the safety bubble of home, where the amount of germs is greatly limited.  Once he goes to daycare he is exposed to everything, so be prepared.  Now that isn't saying that your baby getting sick is a bad thing either.  Our pediatrician said we had two options; either he gets sick now or he doesn't go to daycare and gets sick when he starts kindergarten.

Just hang in there.  We went through about a month and a half of really tough sickness going around the fam but we seem to have finally (knock on wood) gotten through it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How was waking up two of three times a night so much easier a month ago??

Hi all!  So I very much apologize for the delay in postings.  I have just been very busy/in a slightly weird place so the blogs got neglected.  Not only that I have had a sever case of writers block!  I think the best solution is just to write and if its not the greatest writing whatever

So JW has started to pretty regularly sleep through the night (he may wake up once, but the majority of the time he goes right back to sleep.)  This has been one of the greatest things to happen so far!  However I feel like I have lost some of my parenting powers!  let me explain

2 months ago we were waking up every couple of hours on a very regular basis.  At the time it wasn't fun, but it also wasn't the end of the world.  If he got 4 good hours in a row before he woke up, we felt like rockstars!  Now if he wakes up two or three times at night the next day I feel like a zombie!

Its amazing how fast the human body gets used to things.  Once we started doing longer stretches of time with JW asleep our bodies reverted right back to wanting to sleep for longer periods of time.  None of this wakign up every couple hours thing!

Stay positive and just work through the tired!  Remember that a couple months ago 4 hours at a time would have felt like paradise.  Laugh as much as you can and enjoy the little guy!

Again hopefully writing will get better as i update more.

Monday, February 27, 2012

God I hate 4am...worst time ever

For the last couple of weeks JW (formally a very good sleeper at night) has decided that he is done with the whole "sleeping through the night" thing.  Instead he likes to wake up every hour, just to make sure that everything is ok.  Although a pain, most of the time we can just put his pacifier back in and he drifts back to sleep, except at 4am.  For some reason 4am just seems to be his favorite time of the night now.

Now to me at the moment it seems that this will go one forever and how can we possibly make it through much more of this.  However I know that this is just a phase and the big thing is just to stay positive.  The thing that i would always recommend in times like this is to keep a good relationship with your significant other.  At least then you have someone to share in your late night/ early morning exhaustion.
I will update more once I make it more than a couple of hours of sleep.
What I want to see on a baby monitor

What I see at 4am